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For Sale!!!!Original old parking meters. They take nickels, dimes or quarters. Our parking meters are made in the 1950's. They are a great conversation piece. The parking meters have been cleaned up and repainted with the best paints available. We have silver, gold and red parking meters (click on the above meters for details). If you are interested in purchasing a parking meter click on the parking meter and fill out the order form or you can e-mail us by clicking below. We will send our address and phone number upon request. We would also be glad to answer any questions. The price is $100.00 for a Rockwell parking meter and $120.00 for a Duncan parking meter, which includes a stand or a post adapter. Shipping cost is from our zip code to your zip code. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska or outside the U.S. please check with us on the price. Please remember, these are authentic old parking meters that are in great shape. Everyone is amazed at how wonderful they are to own. The locks are still there but the tumblers have been removed. Any key that will fit in the key hole will open the parking meter. Rockwell,Duncan or Magee.

My name is Ron and we collect old petroleum collectibles especially gas pumps and parking meters. It may sound crazy but it is a family activity. We hunt down old pumps, parking meters and related items. Gas pumps can be made to do a lot of things. They light up and are a beautiful addition to anyones game room or to put outside. The doors open, close and lock. Some people use them for bars or they lock important items inside. They make excellent conversation pieces.

All of our gas pumps have been restored inside and out. They cost a little more than replicas however replicas do not hold their value. Originals are an investment and go up in value. You may wonder about cost? Our pumps start around $2,000 depending on age, model etc. We would have to work out how it gets to you. Only the best paints and hardeners are used. Recipients have to pay shipping.

If you live in a state close to Ohio, we may personally deliver one of our pumps to your residence.

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Be sure to check out our restored original old gas pumps for sale and the consignment gas pumps for sale. Maybe one of these consignment pumps are near you? Do you have a gas pump to sell? Want to put it on our website for sale? Email us at

Feel free to send us a photo of one of your purchased parking meters or gas pumps. We love to see them in their new setting.

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